You Should Know Why Forex Rates Fluctuate

Foreign exchange rate is defined as “the rate at which one country’s currency may be converted into another”. Money exchange rates are determined by several factors including, interest rates, current account on balance of payments, economic growth and inflation.

If you are an expat sending money home; an aspiring Forex trader; a finance enthusiast who is enamoured by world economics, then you must know the reason(s) why foreign exchange rates fluctuate.

Interest Rates

In this context, the rate that is charged for using or saving money of a particular country is called an interest rate. Charged when money is borrowed, paid when money is saved, interest rates of a country attribute to the value of foreign exchange rate of its currency.

For e.g. If India’s interest rates rise compared to other countries for investments, it will attract more foreign investments, thereby earning more savings in Indian banks. This will increase the demand for the Indian Rupee, causing a rupee appreciation.

Higher interest rates will cause currency value appreciation and the vice versa.

Inflation Rates

Inflation rate is the rate at which the prices of goods and services rise in a country. Countries that have a low inflation rate, have an appreciated currency value, thereby increased purchasing power. Higher inflation rate will hamper purchasing power.

For e.g. If a soda in the USA costs $1 in a given year, and the inflation rate is 10%, the same soda will cost $1.10 the next year.

Balance of Payments

Balance of Payments or Current Accounts reflect the payments paid and received between a country and its trading partners for imports, exports and debts. A deficit in the current account means, there’s more of importing and spending (buying foreign currency), than exporting and receiving (earning foreign currency). This excess demand for foreign exchange will lower the country’s exchange rate.

Public Debt

Countries usually borrow to pay for large public sector projects. While such an activity stimulates the domestic economy, nations with high deficit are less likely to attract foreign investors. This leads to inflation which will result in a dip in the value of exchange rates.

Economic Performance and Political Stability

A country with a stable political and economic performance attracts foreign investments. An increase in foreign investments will result in the appreciation of the currency value. Political and economic disturbances in a country will repel foreign investors thereby causing fluctuating exchange rates.

The relationship between exchange rate and the above mentioned factors (and many more) are subtle and intriguing. While it sounds complex, it is actually simple if one regularly follows up on world affairs and global economy. But if you are just a humble expat, wanting to send money at the right time to save on exchange rate differences, then the above information is a starter, and there are many money transfer and Forex agents who will assist on the same.

Best Way To Pick The Ideal Online Trading Broker

Technology has made it easier and simpler for anyone who wants to go into stock and commodity trading. Newbies can read various resources online so that they can acquire some knowledge about trading and do not go into this area blindly. In addition, you can also trade online today; you don’t have to go a formal business area to start trading as well.

If you are new to the world of stock and commodity trading, even if you decide to do so online, you will benefit greatly by working with an online trading broker. A broker will work with and assist you when you are ready to buy and sell stocks, commodities or securities. There is no doubt that when you choose a trustworthy broker, your foray into the world of online trading will be easier and successful.

It is important to choose the right broker to work because the last thing you want to happen is to lose money when you start trading. A good rule of the thumb is to make sure you know you broker well. You can start by asking him or her directly and doing some research to find out if the broker you are interested to work with is licensed within your state. Keep in mind that you will be entering the game of trading which could give you great earnings; not being diligent though will cause you to lose a great amount of money.

It is also essential that you understand all the risks and advantages that come with employing an online broker as compared to having a trained pro. This is because a trained and seasoned stock broker can give you sound advices and could present different investment scenarios on the movements of stocks. An online one, however, will be using various investment tools to help you decide on when to buy and sell stocks or commodities. This is mainly the reason why the fees of online brokers are practically lower than the fees of investment advisors.

Lastly, the ideal online broker needs to have access to and knows how to use the right essential investment tools. These should include research tools, investment products, financial services, and various mobile and online apps and sites. They should also be knowledgeable in various aspects as well such as the required minimum opening balance, the reasonable or average rate or percentage of commissions they will deduct, use of technology or features for international trading and other important special features and services.